Welcome to eeze cell your cellular partner in Kroonstad.

Cell Phone Repairs in Kroonstad

We are a division of the eeze solutions workgroup that offers professional and proficient working performance in the Kroonstad area to get you or your companies Cell Phone back up and running with as little downtime as possible for now as well as in the future.

At eeze cell, your Cell Phone will only be handled and repaired by a qualified and time practiced technician to get your phone repaired with the best results.

We take the utmost care to ensure your Cell Phone is handled with the love and care it deserves and pride ourselves in delivering your Cell Phone back to you in a better condition than we received it in,

Software issues:
Cameras (Rear and Front):
Speakers (Rear and front):
Charging Units:
LCD Touch combo screens:
Sim Card readers:
SD Card readers:
Headphone jacks:
Networking issues:
and more…